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ODE Calculator program ODEcalc 6.71 ... Problem-Solving Application #2

ODEcalc (tm): an ODE Calculator!
Solves IVP & BVP with ODEs.

2 curves: y & ydot

An Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Calculator! State your equation with boundary or initial value conditions and ODEcalc will solve your problem. Plots solution (y) and derivative (ydot) versus x. Solves most Boundary Value Problems (BVP) & Initial Value Problems (IVP) for any order ODE. ODE may be non-linear, implicit, and any order. Source code included ... it's short! ODEcalc helps one understand difference in BVP & IVP and their importance in solving practical differential equations. PDEs, ODEs and algebraic system of equations may be solved using the methodology in this demo. Great for learning BVP & IVP solution techniques. Solvers used are based on Automatic Differential (AD) and Operator Overload techniques.

Anyone seeking an Online math tutor?

I specialize in solving Differential Equations (DEs) or systems. DEs may be explicit or implicit. There is an App, ODEcalc, on my website that is free and may be of help solving an ODE for you.

Phil Brubaker tutors Differential Equations and other App usage or modification of my Apps OnLine via Zoom from Roseburg, OR. He has a Bachelor degree in Math with a Minor in Electrical Engineering. Tutoring fee is $10/h. Contact Phil now!

ODEcalc 6.71 Source code:

ODEcalc was made possible due to a Calculus compiler. The source code (ODE4user.fc) file is included in order to show the Calculus programming simplicity. ODEcalc was written to show that differential equations are solved without numerical algorithms from the user. Differential equation problems are solved with little code other than ones equations. One initial value problem required only 19 lines of code in order to be solved! ODEcalc is a free (3.5 MB) download.

ODEcalc 6.71 Output Plots:

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ODE Solution Y & Ydot Curve Plots
ODE Solution Y & Ydot Plots

ODEcalc 6.71
Download (4.3 MB) Information:

Last Updated: Jan. 1, 2024
First Published: June 30, 1997

Last Updated: Nov. 27, 2023 License: Freeware Free
OS: Windows 98 or newer
Requirements:Windows + Visual Basic 6.0 RunTime files
Publisher: Optimal Designs Enterprise

ODEcalc 6.71
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1. ODEcalc : An Differential Equation (ODE) Calculator! 4 Nonlinear ODEs. State your equation, boundary/initial value conditions & it solves your problem.
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<a href=""><img style="float:left; width:100px" src="https://goal-driven.net/image/odecalc-icon.png"/> <strong>ODE Calculator</strong> </a>: Solves Ordinary Differential Equation, Implicit Differential Equation, Nonlinear Differential Equation, Boundary Value Problems.

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