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Calculus Programming Compiler FC-Compiler 6.3 ... need to tweak some math parameters? Try using the FortranCalculus (FC) Compiler!

Simplify Math Problem-Solving!

An ALPHA version of FortranCalculus compiler.

Learn how easy it is to tweak parameters!

FC-Compiler is a ALPHA version of FortranCalculus. The FortranCalculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, optimization, and parameter tweaking. FortranCalculus is based on Automatic Differentiation (AD) and Operator Overloading that simplify computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective (function) definition. Minimizing the amount of code allows the user to concentrate on the science or engineering problem at hand and not on the (numerical) process requirements to achieve an optimum solution.


  • PROSE, in 1974, was the first available Calculus-level language. It was used by Time-sharing users until mid-1980s, on CDC computers.
  • FortranCalculus first appeared in late 1980s, running on a PC.
  • In 1990s, Windows appeared and stopped work on FC for a while. Cloud computing re-started efforts to get a Calculus-level compiler up and working. It is still being worked on. So in the mean time this Alpha version is being made available.

Power of FortranCalculus and PROSE:

  • Find statement - tweak parameters
    • Find a, b, c, ooo
  • Nesting of Find statements
    • Find a, b ooo
      • Find c, d, e ooo
        • Find f ooo

A good example of Nesting is our Match n Freq (tm) App.

  • See our textbook for example problems. The Oil Refinery (ch. 8) shows a nesting problem that involves number of (refinery) sites (level 1), number of distillation units (level 2), and (level 3 ... not shown) number of processors types. This problem would require tweaking of thousands of variables in one run!!!

Some Apps were developed to show the power of FortranCalculus in solving math problems. They are:

  1. CurvFit (tm): Fits data to Algebraic and Trigonometery equations;
  2. Robot4 (tm): finds Optimal route from A to B; and,
  3. Match n Freq (tm): solves La Place transform, H(s), and Trigonometery equations.

Try one or more of these applications to get an understanding of the FortranCalculus Compiler power that is available. Some Apps have a source code file for viewing; see how short the coding can be.

Some Optimization Demo problems Solved and included with FC Compiler are,

Rocket Design 3 Stage Rocket Design Optimization Stiff ODE A Stiff Differential Equation AC Motor Design AC Motor Design to Maximize Efficiency
Monte Carlo Analysis using Monte Carlo Bang Bang Control Bang Bang Control, moving head across disc platter BVP w Stiff ODE Boundary Value Problem of a Stiff ODE
Cantilever beam Cantilever beam Chemical kinetics Chemical kinetics parameter estimation Rosenbrock's function Contour Graph of Rosenbrock's function
Ecological equilibrium Ecological equilibrium Heat Transfer Implicit Differential Equations Inverse Problem Know decay time, need right parameters to get there!
Lorentz ODE Lorentz ODE: 3rd order ODE Lorentzian Series Lorentzian Series model for isolated pulse Implicit ODE Matched Filter design for disc drive
Maximum likelihood Maximum likelihood estimation Airport Noise Minimize Airport Noise Minimize integral Minimize integral w/limits
Missile pursuit Missile pursuit Multiple extrema Multiple extrema Nearest Point on a Contour Nearest Point on a Contour
Neurons Neutral ... Neurons 2nd order ODE ODE-xCos 2nd order ODE Optimal design & control Optimal design & control
Orbit Motion Orbit Motion Painleve Transcendent ODE Painleve Transcendent ODE Pilot Ejection Pilot Ejection Simulation
Pumping System Pumping System - Implicit Nonlinear Radial tire design Radial tire design Shell projectile Shell projectile
Tolerance Tolerance using Root-sum-square of partials (not Monte Carlo) Transfer Function Transfer Function, H(s), A1! Wing design Wing design optimization
Tolerance Matched Filter design

FC-Compiler 6.3
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Last Updated: Oct. 12, 2020
First Published: Dec. 4, 2014
License: Free .
OS: Windows XP or newer
Publisher: Optimal Designs Enterprise

FC-Compiler 6.3
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FC-Compiler: ALPHA version of FortranCalculus compiler.
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(Here is a 'picture' of time-savings from FortranCalculus usage.)

Rapid Prototyping for Adaptive Engineering

    Basic, Fortran, MACSYMA, etc.  vs.   FortranCalculus

time-savings from FortranCalculus usage!

  Engineering:     Quickly Frozen       Adaptive
  Source Code:         Large             Small
  Cost:                High              Low
  Delay:               Long              Short

Free Zoom classes are offered to those interested in one or more of following:

  • Calculus-level Coding: learn Calculus-level language in order to solve your math problem.
  • Solving Differential Equations: any order, any degree, non-linear, implicit, Boundary and/or Initial Value Problems.

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<a href=""><img style="float:left; width:100px" src="https://goal-driven.net/image/readrit-pic2.png"/> <strong>FortranCalculus Compiler</strong> </a>: Solves Algebraic Equations through Ordinary Differential Equations.


See more on Solving Algebraic Equations through Ordinary Differential Equations.

Also, see Solving Implicit ODEs.

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Problem-Solving Applications include:

CurvFit: a curve fitting program with Lorentzian, Sine, Exponential and Power series are available models to match your data.

Match-n-Freq: a Matched Filter program used to filter signals and slim pulses.

Industry Problem-Solving Descriptions include:

Electrical Filter Design: find the transfer function's poles & zeros; H(s) = Yout(s) / Yin(s).

Pulse Slimming to minimize InterSymbol Interference: via Arbitrary Equalization with Simple LC Structures to reduce errors.

Voice Coil Motor: basically an electromagnetic transducer in which a coil placed in a magnetic pole gap experiences a force proportional to the current passing through the coil.

AC Motor Design: a simulation program for A.C. motor design that was reapplied as a constrained optimization problem with 12 unknown parameters and 7 constraints.

Digitized Signal from Magnetic Recording: Magnetic recording of transitions written onto a computer disc drive may produce an isolated pulse as shown.

PharmacoKinetics: an open-two- compartment model with first order absorption into elimination from central compartment is presented here.

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