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For starters, we recommend downloading both FC-Compiler.exe and CurvFit.exe apps. CurvFit is a 'Calculus-level' demo app. Install CurvFit and run some demos (click 'demos' on main menu) to get an idea of what we mean by 'Calculus-level' app; no Numerical Methods just solutions. It is hoped that this app will get you thinking about some problem that you could solve with the aide of our FC-Compiler app.

Anyone seeking an Online math tutor?

I specialize in solving Differential Equations (DEs) or systems. DEs may be explicit or implicit. There is an App, ODEcalc, on my website that is free and may be of help solving an ODE for you.

Phil Brubaker tutors Differential Equations and other App usage or modification of my Apps OnLine via Zoom from Roseburg, OR. He has a Bachelor degree in Math with a Minor in Electrical Engineering. Tutoring fee is $10/h. Contact Phil now!

Application Software

Application Software
Description Price
1.   FC-Compiler: Windows Front-end for FortranCalculus compiler. $0
2. CurvFit: Fits Lorentz, Sine, Damped Sine, etc. series to data. Learn the power of a Lorentz series to fitting real data! $0
3.   ODEcalcâ„¢; , an Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Calculator! Solves Nonlinear ODEs. State your equation, boundary/initial value conditions and it solves your problem! $0
4.   Match-n-Freq: Finds Optimum Matched Filter design including maximally flat Group Delay and Equal Ripple Sidelobe band. $0
5.   Robotic Arm Movement ; Determines how to get from a point to another point. $0
6.   SpectrumSolvers: Software 4 Spectral Estimation Algorithms $0
All prices in US Dollars

Problem-Solving Applications include:

CurvFit: a curve fitting program with Lorentzian, Sine, Exponential and Power series are available models to match your data.

Match-n-Freq: a Matched Filter program used to filter signals and slim pulses.

Industry Problem-Solving Descriptions include:

Business Strategies & War Gaming: Buy, Sell, Hold options may be tested for an entire company, individual plant(s), or whole product lines. Imagine an increase in control settings from a 1 or 2 digits (i.e., a guess value) to an 8+ digit accuracy resulting from a Calculus programming calculation!

Pulse Slimming to minimize InterSymbol Interference: via Arbitrary Equalization with Simple LC Structures to reduce errors.

Voice Coil Motor: basically an electromagnetic transducer in which a coil placed in a magnetic pole gap experiences a force proportional to the current passing through the coil.

Electrical Filter Design: find the transfer function's poles & zeros; H(s) = Yout(s) / Yin(s).

Digitized Signal from Magnetic Recording: Magnetic recording of transitions written onto a computer disc drive may produce an isolated pulse as shown.

AC Motor Design: a simulation program for A.C. motor design that was reapplied as a constrained optimization problem with 12 unknown parameters and 7 constraints.

PharmacoKinetics: an open-two- compartment model with first order absorption into elimination from central compartment is presented here.

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Textbooks - Parameter Estimation 4 ODE/PDE - Signal Analysis / Spectral Estimation - Body Plasma - Solar Cell
Increasing Productivity Examples: AC Motor Design - Matched Filters - Pulse Slimming / InterSymbol Interference - Pilot (safe) Ejection - PharmacoKinetics Simulation - Business Strategies & War Gaming - BVP - Implicit Equations