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Matched Filter design program Match-n-Freq 6.54 ... Problem-Solving Application #3

Match n Freq (tm): Finds optimal pole-zero locations to minimize intersymbol interference

Input Signal/Pulse

Matched Filter transfer function

Output/desired Signal/Pulse

Match n Freq (tm): Pulse shaping filter program that finds the pole-zero locations of a transfer function H(s) for a matched filter. H(s) equals a -desired- signal (Yout) divided by a given input signal (Yin). Both Yout and Yin are functions of frequency (not time). This is an example of how Automatic Differentiation does simpify problem solving.

Group delay may also be calculated to compliment a given data set, thus, providing a flat group delay.

Minimizing Intersymbol Interference in a read/write channel for disc drives by shaping and slimming an isolated readback pulse was the main objective for writing this matched filter program. For more info, see Kost, R. and P. Brubaker; 'Arbitrary equalization with simple LC structures';IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Nov. 1981, pp 3346-3348.

The original matched filter problem was 'solved' in hours! Years of testing hardware designs and modifying design requirements/goals finally produced present program logic. All those minus signs in the transfer function gave me many white hairs! User input and objectives are from or in the frequency domain. Someday a time domain version of this matched filter program will be developed with a better objective function.

For a technical write-up on Match-n-Freq see Pulse Slimming / InterSymbol Interference. Other associated articles include Optimum Matched Filter (Transfer Function) and Magnetic Recording.

Match-n-Freq was made possible due to the FortranCalculus compiler. The source code is relatively short (7 pages + 11 input/output pages) showing the FortranCalculus programming simplicity. Sometimes Match-n-Freq has three nested solvers in execution at once. Match-n-Freq is a free (4 MB) download.

Match n Freq 6.54 Output Plots:

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Pole/Zero Constellation
Transfer Function H(s); Zeros on Y-axis

Mainlobe Transfer Function
Output Signal: H(s) with Zeros on Y-axis

Output Signal Sideband Only: H(s) with Zeros on Y-axis

Match n Freq 6.54
Download (4 MB) Information:

Last Updated: Oct. 19, 2020
First Published: Nov. 16, 1992
License: Freeware Free
OS: Windows 98 or newer
Requirements:Windows + Visual Basic 6.0 RunTime files
Publisher: Optimal Designs Enterprise

Match n Freq 6.54
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Match-n-Freq: Finds Optimum Matched Filter design.
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Free Zoom classes are offered to those interested in one or more of following:

  • Calculus-level Coding: learn Calculus-level language in order to solve your math problem.
  • Matched Filter Designing: solves pole/zero locations for a matched filter transfer function, H(s).
  • Solving Differential Equations: any order, any degree, non-linear, implicit, Boundary and/or Initial Value Problems.

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See more on Nonlinear Filter, Signal Processing, Transfer Function, etc. Examples.

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Problem-Solving Applications include:

CurvFit: a curve fitting program with Lorentzian, Sine, Exponential and Power series are available models to match your data.

Match-n-Freq: a Matched Filter program used to filter signals and slim pulses.

Industry Problem-Solving Descriptions include:

Electrical Filter Design: find the transfer function's poles & zeros; H(s) = Yout(s) / Yin(s).

Pulse Slimming to minimize InterSymbol Interference: via Arbitrary Equalization with Simple LC Structures to reduce errors.

Voice Coil Motor: basically an electromagnetic transducer in which a coil placed in a magnetic pole gap experiences a force proportional to the current passing through the coil.

AC Motor Design: a simulation program for A.C. motor design that was reapplied as a constrained optimization problem with 12 unknown parameters and 7 constraints.

Digitized Signal from Magnetic Recording: Magnetic recording of transitions written onto a computer disc drive may produce an isolated pulse as shown.

PharmacoKinetics: an open-two- compartment model with first order absorption into elimination from central compartment is presented here.

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