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Our Enhancing Productivity presentation shows how the FortranCalculus (FC) computer language reduces simulation driven development times about 90% plus provides very accurate answers to math problems. For those doing math modeling, simulation, and/or optimization of scientific or engineering problems, FC is a must. FC problems require your math equations, a dozen or two lines of code, and some initial conditions. Then run it. Then fix typos & other problems and rerun it.

Most problems are solved within hours. Most users love it. (After presentation, download FC-Compiler to view some 60+ math problems solved via FC.)

This presentation compares present languages to FC and provides some history and its track record.

Presentation Agenda History Track Record
(CAD) Track Record Industry Issues 'Old' Method ... FlowChart
A Proven Approach Methods Compared ... FlowCharts Automatic Differentiation Enabled
Presentation Summary

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