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Demos of Calculus (level) Programming:

Calculus-level Applications: Windows Operating System

FC Manual #1 & History (25 mB) FortranCalculus (Basic) Manual and History, plus a quick overview.
FC Manual #2 (20 mB) FortranCalculus's "ODE and Constrained" Part of Manual.
FC Casebook (4 mB)
FC-Compiler (v. 6.501) ... 6.5 mB
CurvFit (v. 6.7) ... 4 mB
Match-n-Freq (v. 6.701) ... 7 mB
Robot4 (v. 6.7) ... 4 mB

Non Calculus Applications: Windows Operating System

SpectrumSolvers (v. 6.501) ... 3 mB
  • Compare 13 Spectral Estimation Algorithms to Find best Spectral Estimation Method for a Power Spectral Density plot.
ODE-XYplots Source code (v. 6.7) ... .5 kB

STEM Video Presentations: on Nepris.com

Engineering, Science, and Math Playlist
Programming / Coding / Computer Aided Design (CAD) Development Playlist
Business Management Playlist

Outside-The-Box Thinking!
Interested in Optimal Solutions?

Management Strategies & Thinking PowerPoint Downloads PDF Downloads
Why Optimization over Simulation?
What is the difference between the two?
Consider Time-to-Market and Model Accuracy
How do Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization Methods Compare?
How does Accuracy of Methods compare?
Goal for this Presentation is to Enhance Your Productivity.
What is your Goal for listening to this Presentation?
Will show a top-down flow of Management methods to Increase your Productivity
Learn Objective thinking; Build Teams; Think Outside-the-Box!
Objective Driven Solutions are those that have a Team Objective.
Learn how to Build a Team Objective that Enhance's Productivity.
Requires Engineers, Management, & CEO staff to set a project's Objective.
Aircraft Engineering
Example Engineering Problem Solving
Shows Example Coding with Flow of Parameters that are Tweaked!
Process Control Techniques PowerPoint Downloads PDF Downloads
Optimal Process Control Examples from Industry
How to Build a Model, Tweak Parameters, Improve Productivity?
Oil Refining Inventory: Supply vs. Demand & Sales & Marketing
Oil Refining is an excellant example of how
Top-Down methods will show great results!
Great Overall Model showing many departments and their Effects
Edward Deming's story on how Japan welcomed his teaching on
Statistical Process Control (SPC).
SPC methods led Japan to take over the Automobile Industry in 1970s.
Calculus-Level Coding
while learning Objective Functions
PowerPoint Downloads PDF Downloads
Improve Math Models while Increasing Productivity
Key Presentation for
Engineers, Scientists, & Management
Excellent Introduction to Calculus-Level Programming
Several Example Problems showing Simplicity & Power
Improve Models & Increase Productivity
How and where do Differential Equations get used in
Math Models to simulate Engineering and Science problems?
Example models are coded and explained on how to solve them.
Enhancing Productivity for Science & Engineering
"One Step from First Principles to Solution"
Calculus-level Problem-Solving Introduction; Another Key Introduction
(Brief) Presentation on FortranCalculus Language Introduction
"One Step from First Principles to Solution"
What's your Objective? Gives ideas, shows some models, shows parameters to Tweak!
Matched Filter App, Usage Introduction
Finds a Fit to one's H(j w) dataset & Flattens Group Delay ripple.
Math Problem-Solving shows several Industry Examples
Disc Drive Read-Write Engineering
with Models, Optimization, & Output
Introduction for High School Students
Micro Chip Problem found at Disc Drive Mfg, how to detect?
Destructive Testing; Curve Fitting; or ???
See how curve fitting did the job for us :)
STEM for Middle School & Up PowerPoint Downloads PDF Downloads
(Breif) Why Optimize over Simulate?
What is the difference between the two?
Design Team; Optimization of Optimizations ... nesting example
Automobile Company used as an Example
Shows Simple Models for Entire Company
Design Examples to get one Thinking how to Approach a Design or Process.
What does ones Math Model entail? What is ones Objective or Goal?
STEM for Middle Schools & Up
Shows some Industry Work Examples
STEM for High Schools & Up
Shows some Industry Work Examples
Includes Models with Equations and their Code
Introduction to Calculus-Level Programming
Plus all (Freeware) Tools to Build an App.
(Brief) Optimize Car Manufacturing via (Math) Optimization
Company Model shows several Departments and their Effects
on Company's Overall Objective!
Why one Text Editor is Best?
Helps Debug Source Code; What Percent of Working Day involves Debugging?
It's freeware!
Programming Examples PowerPoint Downloads PDF Downloads
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Introduction for Calculus-Level Apps
What (freeware) Tools are necessary to 'Build' an App for Windows?
Optimizations within Optimization, nesting examples
Curve Fitting program for Lorentz, Sine, Exponential, Power, and Bell Curve series.
What's the Difference between Interpolation and Extrapolation?
Shows some Example Problems from Industry
Modern Spectral Estimation PowerPoint Downloads PDF Downloads
Spectral Estimation Problem-Solving
What Effects does Windowing have on Spectrum?
Intro to Artifacts, Sinc Function, Zero-Fill, & Peak-Density Problems
10+ Spectral Estimation Methods to Choose from, which is Best?
What Effects does Windowing have on Spectrum?
SpectrumSolvers App Walk-thru
Valid CSS! Calculus-level Problem-Solving for Engineers & Scientists

Textbooks - Parameter Estimation 4 ODE/PDE - Signal Analysis / Spectral Estimation - Body Plasma - Solar Cell
Increasing Productivity Examples: AC Motor Design - Matched Filters - Pulse Slimming / InterSymbol Interference - Pilot (safe) Ejection - PharmacoKinetics Simulation - BVP 4 PDE Equations - Implicit (Differential) Equations