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Calculus Programming Examples

These example problems came from industry. Compare previous solution methods with Calculus-level software coding. Before Calculus programming, this AC Motor code required a knowledgeable user to 'manually' come up with desired parameters. Without a knowledgeable user, this code may have required -many- executions to achieve an acceptable solution. With Calculus code, two or three runs gives -any- user the optimal results!

Calculus-level Programming, Intro Intro to Calculus-level Programming. Optimum Filter Design Simulation AC Motor Design Simulation
Pulse Slimming for magnetic recording Pulse Slimming for magnetic recording with LC filters. Optimum Filter Design Simulation Optimum Filter Design, Bode Diagram, Transfer Function, Matched Filter, Modeling & Simulation.
Voice Coil Simulation for Design Voice Coil Simulation for Design, Voice Coil Motor, Voice Coil Actuator. Model 4 Digitized Signal from Magnetic Recording Model 4 Digitized Signal from Magnetic Recording, Isolated Readback Pulse, Modeling & Simulation.
Math Modeling & Simulating a Nanostructured Solar Cell Math Modeling & Simulating a Nanostructured Solar Cell, Energy Solar, Higher Efficiency Solar Cells. PharmacoKinetics, an Inverse Problem PharmacoKinetics, an Inverse Problem: Know desired Half Life, Find design parameters for Half Life. Kinetic Simulation.
Body Plasma Chemistry Body Plasma Chemistry, determine the concentration of a Therapeutic treatment drug.

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Textbooks - Parameter Estimation 4 ODE/PDE - Signal Analysis / Spectral Estimation - Body Plasma - Solar Cell
Increasing Productivity Examples: AC Motor Design - Matched Filters - Pulse Slimming / InterSymbol Interference - Pilot (safe) Ejection - PharmacoKinetics Simulation - BVP 4 PDE Equations - Implicit (Differential) Equations