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FC Coding is
One step from 1st Principles to Solution!


Engineering & Science Webinars

Engineering & Science Webinars discuss how one can easily go 'One step from first principles to solution'. Webinars are offered to those interested in following:

  • Calculus-level Coding: learn Calculus-level language in order to solve your math problem.
      Plus, Solving Differential Equations: any order, any degree, non-linear, implicit, Boundary and/or Initial Value Problems.
~1960, NASA's Apollo Space program was the first developer/user of a Calculus-level language, Slang. It was a key factor that got us to the moon; are you ready for your 'moon' shot?

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Valid CSS! Calculus (level) Problem-Solving for Engineers & Scientists

Textbooks - Parameter Estimation 4 ODE/PDE - Signal Analysis / Spectral Estimation - Body Plasma - Solar Cell
Increasing Productivity Examples: AC Motor Design - Matched Filters - Pulse Slimming / InterSymbol Interference - Pilot (safe) Ejection - PharmacoKinetics Simulation - Business Strategies & War Gaming - BVP - Implicit Equations