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FC Coding is
One step from 1st Principles to Solution!


The following App Videos ... created Apps from a Calculus-level Compiler.

CurvFit (tm) program CurvFit ... Calculus-level Problem-Solving App

CurvFit: creates algebraic series
for fitting ones data.



CurvFit's SlideShow

CurvFit (tm) application solves fitting data to an math expression; recommend the Lorentzian series for real world data problems. Sine & Damped Sine series are also available.

FC-Compiler (tm) programFC-Compiler ... need to tweak some math parameters? Try using the FortranCalculus Compiler!

An ALPHA version of FortranCalculus compiler.



FC-Compiler's SlideShow

FC-Compiler (tm) application is a (free) Calculus-level Compiler that simplifies Tweaking parameters in ones math model. FC solves Algebraic through Ordinary Differential Equations Equations; Laplace transforms; etc. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective (function) definition.

Match-n-Freq (tm) program Match-n-Freq ... Calculus-level Problem-Solving App

Match-n-Freq: Finds optimal pole-zero locations to minimize intersymbol interference.



Match-n-Freq's SlideShow

Match-n-Freq (tm) solves pole/zero locations for a matched filter that is known for pulse slimming or shaping characteristics. Program determines optimal transfer function, H(s).

SpectrumSolvers (tm) program SpectrumSolvers ... Spectral Estimation Methods App

SpectrumSolvers: 13 Spectral Estimation Methods
Signal Analysis



SpectrumSolvers's SlideShow

Note: These videos should help you use these Apps.

Videos/SlideShows recommmended for developing your Apps.

SpectrumSolvers (tm) SpectrumSolvers provides 13 spectral estimation algorithms for comparing Power Spectral Density (PSD) results. Algorithms include Akaike, Burg, Durbin, Maximum Likelihood Method, Mayne-Firoozan, Prony, Yule-Walker, and et al.

Objective-Driven Objective-Driven Solutions to Problem Solving

Objective Driven Engineering, Science, and Management.



"Think Outside-the-Box" SlideShow

Objective Driven folks have the right idea! Who wants to work for a Company that has no Goal? No goal, who knows where such a company will end up. Companies must setup a company wide goal and let all employees focus on it. Just knowing the goal may help employees decide whether they should 'move' to the right, left, or straight ahead when they hit a decision point. What is your Company's goal?

Micro Chip Manufacturing Micro Chip Manufacturing ... Bug!

Chip Manufacturing ... Bug ... How to find problem?



"Micro Chip Mfg. Error" SlideShow

Micro Chip Mfg. Error solved! Mfg. had a problem with making a micro chip circuit used to read/write information of a disc drive. They only way to try and resolve the problem was destructive testing. But, a engineering manager was having a math model developed for the circuit's response. 200 circuits were used. 199 agreed to a math model. But, the odd ball 1 agreed to the math model with a surprised response. This odd ball response was the key for detecting a bad disc drive! No more destructive testing ideas.

Micro Chip Manufacturing Coding for Calculus-level Problem-Solving, Intro

Coding for Calculus-level Problem-Solving, Intro



"Calculus-level Coding" SlideShow

Coding for Calculus-level Problem-Solving, Intro. Coding is kept to a minimum: goal/objective, equations, constraints, and 'Find' statement(s). Most problems are solved with less than 30 lines of code, plus lines for your equations. Add a plot and that adds another 50 lines.