FC Coding is
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Calculus-Level Coding is One step from 1st Principles to Solution!

Working to hard?Work smarter & increase productivity! Modeling & Simulation’s next step is (Mathematical) Optimizations. Optimizations require an Objective (function). Today's Engineers & Scientists solve problems with a Find X mind-set. With some Operational Research training they could expand their thinking to a Find X to Optimize Y mind-set. Then they would be ready for Optimizations, Calculus-level programming and software. (This would drop today’s design times that require months even man years to one or two days! Manufacturing processes could be optimized to the day's demand and thus maximize their profits.)

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Valid CSS! Calculus-level Problem-Solving for Engineers & Scientists

Textbooks - Parameter Estimation 4 ODE/PDE - Signal Analysis / Spectral Estimation - Body Plasma - Solar Cell
Increasing Productivity Examples: AC Motor Design - Matched Filters - Pulse Slimming / InterSymbol Interference - Pilot (safe) Ejection - PharmacoKinetics Simulation - BVP 4 PDE Equations - Implicit (Differential) Equations