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Oil Refinery Production Model Code
to simulate a refinery's entire Distillation units
in one run.

Goal for this page: show how to simulate a refinery's entire/total Distillation units in one run.

On this page, we'll attempt to guide you through the various model routines in order to create a 'picture' for you to understand what's going on.

1. State number of plants / refineries and the number of products.

nRefineries = 22: nProducts = 33

2. Add a 'nRefineries' loop around ALL the distillation units. See the arrows pointing to new code additions.

model Processing ! All distillation units @ All refinery do i = 1, nRefineries Key point ! assume distillation requires solving a PDE or two. ! below is the bases for solving a PDE. t = 0: tPrt = tPrint do j = 1, nDistillUnits(i) Key point Initiate ISIS for PDEquations ooo do while (t .lt. tFinal) ooo

The next article will show how to tweak/optimize the results for ALL refineries.

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