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Imagine an increase in control settings from a 1 or 2 digits (i.e., a guess value) to an 8+ digit accuracy resulting from a Calculus programming calculation. How much increase in production would that yield? How would profit benefit?

This Oil Production example should give you reason to consider using Calculus programming to problem solving your present and future projects. Our compiler is free! Download & install a copy then give it a try. Remember, the bases for our compiler is NASA's old abandoned compiler that got us to the moon. See the Hidden Figures movie for more on NASA's problems.

The Optimal example code presented here, is comprised of three problems/projects that probably each need a team to solve. The problems are the following:

    • Curve fitting: ones 'salesHistory' in order to create a curve that can extrapolate to "tomorrow's" demand estimate.
    • Produce Distribution: find the best routes to deliver products while minimizing time and expenses..
    • Optimal Production Controls: find control settings to maximize your objectives/goals.

Support is available until mid 2024. Contact Optimal Designs Enterprise with your questions. Most code can be handled by Engineers, Scientists, and/or Programmers up to the Calculus (level) 'Find' or 'Integrate' statements.

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