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How can one increase productivity?

Working to hard?Work smarter & increase productivity! Set a well defined goal/objective. Many Engineers & Scientists are working on projects without knowing what their project goal(s) are or should be. Ask your management for departmental and company goals. Be sure that -all- your company management agree on these goals. Once you have agreement on these goals, your tasks will be clearer and quicker to achieve.

Return-on-Investment (ROI) is often a company president's goal. This is often assumed and not stated to all employees. Company presidents need to clarify their goal to all their employees if they plan on achieving them. For example, maximize ROI this year or this quarter or this product line. Once set at the top of management, check with the new employees to see if the goal has worked its way to them.

Increasing Productivity for Problem-Solving This website is devoted to sharing industry math problems solved with a Calculus-level language; the next generation of software. These languages require an objective (function) in order to achieve an optimal solution. These industry examples and demos go from first principles to a solution with a minimum amount of computer code. Most problems are solved in a day! Would solving your math problems (e.g. simulation problems) in less than 8 hours increase your productivity?

Remember having a goal/objective is required in order to increase your productivity when solving computer problems with Calculus-level languages. Calculus programming of math problems often show a 90% reduction in time and solutions are optimal.

Do you have a math problem that needs a solution? Would you be willing to share it on this website? If so, please and download & install our 'Calculus-level' compiler for Windows, FC-Compiler.

Goal Setting Webinars for Management and Problem-Solving with Calculus Programming Webinars for Engineers & Scientists are available. for Management -or- Engineering & Science Webinars. Size for Management is 20 or less and 200 max. for Engineering/Science.

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