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Parameter Estimation for Engineers & Scientists
Online version is available.

Our textbook uses many real problems from industry to illustrate Calculus-level Problem-Solving. Example problems have been collected over the past 40 plus years.

The goal of our textbook was to get users thinking outside their box. For example, the Oil Refinery problem shows how one could solve oil production for one distillation unit, or one plant, or an entire corporation (i.e. many refineries) all at once! This may consist of one, 100, or 10,000 differential equations while searching for the best refinery(s) to produce products that have pollution by-products. The goal is to minimize pollution by choosing the location where each product is produced. Solve the whole problem in one run not just part of problem.

The MetaCalculus Fortran (MC) compiler has been in development for many years. The first public version was called PROSE and released in 1974 on time-sharing (CDC) computers. The MC compiler will be available to all via the web hopefully by January 2016.

Help spread the word about Calculus-level Problem-Solving. Mention the MetaCalculus Fortran (MC) computer language to friends. Have a technical student in college? Help him/her get a job upon graduation by knowing MC from their classes. MC will increase ones productivity by 20 times!!! What normally would take 20 plus weeks to solve can now be solved in less than ONE week.

Table of Content (at present) for Textbook

1. General Algebraic Equations
    Introduction to Magnetic Recording
        A Typical Readback Pulse from Magnetic Recording
        An Unusual Readback Pulse from Magnetic Recording
        A Typical Readback Pulse from Magnetic Recording with Improved Model
        An Unusual Readback Pulse from Magnetic Recording with Improved Model
    Sinusoidal Curve Fitting
        Curve fitting: A Sinusoidal Signal
        Curve fitting: A Damped Sinusoidal Signal
    Paper Bicycle Design
    Slack Variable Techniques
    Conclusion on Curve Fitting
    Chapter 1 Exercises

2. La Place Transforms
    Optimum Matched Filter (Transfer Function)
    Inverse Problem: Optimum Matched Filter (Transfer Function)
    Chapter 2 Exercises

3. Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs)
    Second Order Non-Linear ODE
    A Third Order Non-Linear ODE
    A Bang-Bang Control Problem
    Non-Linear Equations of Motion
    Pilot's Ejection Suit
    Chapter 3 Exercises

4.  System of Differential Equations
    The Lorentz Equations, a System of ODEs
    The Convection Reaction Equations, a System of PDEs
    Body Plasma Chemistry
    Modeling a Nanostructured Solar Cell
    Chapter 4 Exercises

5. Partial Differential Equations
    PDEs: Stock Market to Biology
    Burgers' Equation
    Telegrapher's Equation

6. Inverse Problems
    Custom Thermistor Design
    Drug Development
    Heat Transfer over 1D Slab
    Robot Arm Movement
    Plane Crash Reconstruction

7. Implicit Equations
    System of Implicit Algebraic Equations
    2nd Order Implicit Differential Equation

8. Nested Problems
    Nesting ... Matched Filter
    Oil Refinery Production

9. Misc Problems
    Monte Carlo Simulation OR Total Derivative?
    Stiff Equations & Trouble Shooting

10. Conclusion
    Future: Thinking outside-the-box

11. Appendix
    Spectral Estimation (free) Software
    'aplot' source code

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